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Kevin Smith
Founder and Developer

Kevin has been a long time fan of all types of games, particularly board, card, and word games. After years in the industry developing games for NAMCO and Crowdstar, Kevin wanted to begin to create his own games. Games that offered a stimulating alternative to the copies and formulas that are all too common in the casual game space.

Beth Rogozinski
Executive Producer and Transmedia Writer

Beth has over 20 years experience in technology and mobile startups. She brings to Lost Spells a passion for storytelling and her own desire to shake things up more than a little bit in the game development world. She is also a founder of the Transmedia SF community.

Jarrod Pateman
Elite Artist

Jarrod breaks into gaming with the breathtaking backdrops and lively characters featured in Lost Spells. Jarrod is an alumni of the Academy of Art University, and before his work on Lost Spells had a history of creative expression including clothing, illustration, and paintings. (Portfolio)